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Our History

Bisset & Ross was established by my grandfather James Bisset and his associate before WW1 to service the local fishing fleet. My own father took over the whole business lock stock and sewing machine just before WW1 and continued to meet the needs of the fishing community but additionally Royal Navy vessels being built and repaired at our world famous Hall Russell and Lewis shipyards. I started my own apprenticeship in 1953 and worked alongside my elder brother and together we took over the business in due course. This was just before the oil and gas industry arrived in Aberdeen and changed our market.

Today, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this industry in the manufacture of quality covers as well as offering a wide range of modern fabrics and solutions to meet the varied needs of our trusted on and offshore clients whilst maintaining traditional craftsmanship skills to provide a sail making and repair service for the North of Scotland.


  • Oil & Gas

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    Our protective covers are designed and manufactured to your exact specification in our workshop.

    Everything we do is bespoke; from the one-off to high volume products.  Our manufacturing process involves the high-frequency welding of seams for enhanced protection from the harshest of environments. The materials we offer are the most appropriate to the end use; tested and certified to relevant safety standards. 

  • Industrial

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    Local clients may benefit from a site visit where our experience and knowledge can be applied at your premises to meet your exact requirements.  We measure, design and manufacture plant and machinery covers of all sizes, incorporating graphics to advertise your business worldwide utilising the most appropriate materials which are tested and certified to relevant safety standards.

  • Shipping

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    We have vast experience of servicing both distinct elements of the shipping sector; from internal upholstery to external covers and supplies. Your time in port is critical. We offer a same day site visit for the rapid turn a round of work to get you back to sea for your designated departure time.